PHPucEU 2013 | Sunday, Room 01, Session 02

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* Goal
* Understand the current situation
* Awareness
* Tools / Processes

"How we brought local user uploaded files into the cloud"
Goal: We want to use the cloud in order to scale and to lower the amout of work and price of file hosting
Branch by abstraction
means: do not have featruebranches
Extract a layer in your current code. Hide legacy code behind layer.
You don't create waste (code)

Patterns are important for refactorings
* Fascade pattern
* Dependecy Injection
* Strategy pattern

You should know your code for refactoring, but refacorings are also a great way to learn your codebase

Book recommendation: Working efficiently with legacy code

Boyscout rule:

"Always leave to code a bit better then you have found it."

And if it's staring like code ping-pong, you are doing hiring wrong ;)

Teams and cultural stuff are also important also for refactoring stuff, and you should solve them first.
Pair-programming is also important and a good solution to solve this issues.
Respect and community of trust are important team patterns.

Agile methods are important and better like not having rockstars.
Take care with your ego while coding.



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